ankur namak

Most of the brands we have worked with have been challengers in their respective fields. Ankur was yet another brand that wanted to take a leadership stance with its product - salt.

Ankur is one of the largest salt farmers in the Kuchh belt of Gujarat. Moreover, it owns several quality control testing labs where its salt is inspected for optimum iron and iodine levels. Since the brand upholds the highest standards to produce quality products, it is cognizant of the drawbacks salt poses.

In view of these facts, our campaign was bold, informative, and above all, honest. The tagline was "Namak Kam Hi Khaaye, Par Achha Khaaye!" Salt ought to be consumed in moderation but the product must be A-grade. In alignment with this idea, our first campaign's brand ambassador was Shilpa Shetty the fitting representative of the health-consciousIndian woman who prioritizes fitness.


We wanted to showcase the role premium food products play since childhood. Growth and development are deeply entwined with nutrition a fact Ankur values immensely. Therefore, choosing the right salt is a good habit... "Ankur Namak, Asli Namak"

The campaign's second edition was centered around the Double Fortified Salt (DFS) which was endorsed by Kareena Kapoor Khan. DFS's key feature is that it maintains the consumers' hemoglobin levels; our script broke down the science of the salt and delivered the key facts simply.


We believe that this direct messaging of the ad film left an impact on the viewers and boosted the product's sales. When a brand speaks with integrity, the audience listens!

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