We are a full-service advertising agency catering to Indian businesses since 1995. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, we strive to empower brands through strategic and creative innovation.

Our journey began in a climate where MNCs were thriving and dominating the market share. It was vital to secure domestic brands and build their identities. We took upon the role of Indian Brand Coach to serve as a catalyst in helping domestic brands realize their potential.

Through the lens of creativity and ideas that inspire culture, we paved the way for success stories like Priyagold Biscuits, Flair Pens, Zed Black Agarbatti, Goldiee Masale, and many more. Over the course of our 27 years, we have helped many brands transition to market leaders.

An incisive understanding of Indian business ethos and a focus on innovation drives our team. Longstanding client relationships are the cornerstone of our philosophy and most of our brands have been with us from the outset. Today, we handle over 50 brands and all their advertising needs.


Although India competes in the global market with stellar products, our brands struggle to come at par with the international ones. In fact, a major advertising market share in India is dominated by MNCs. It is our mission to empower Indian brands with tailored solutions.


We are Indian Brand Coaches who want to revitalize the country's finest brands. It is our responsibility to make the best of your business and present it to the world. With some direction and guidance, your brand can stand out in the global market too.


OIBC'S Forefront

Oberoi IBC has a legacy that spans over 27 years in the advertisitng industry. We are known for transforming Indian brands into globally competitive name. Meet our forefront:

Rajan Surlekar

Vijay Singh

Ram Murugan

Surya Singh

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