Few sparks don't make a Diwali...we need a big and loud burst of crackers!

Economic Experts in recent times have claimed that India will join the list of developed countries, very soon. They predict that India will be the next Superpower.

Many Indian Business Leaders have achieved unbelievable amount of success and have started making waves all over the world but the rest of the Indian Businessmen are facing constant threats because of fierce competition.

Oberoi IBC understands that few brands/companies making waves is not enough for India to be a superpower. We require a lot of brands and companies to do well. Hence, we want to play the role of Indian Brand Coach by teaming up with visionary and enterprising entrepreneurs to empower 'Brand India.'

Who are we?

Coaching is about getting the very best out of someone.

Welcome to OBEROI IBC, a full-fledged advertising agency from Mumbai -the Financial, Commercial and Entertainment capital of India.

IBC in OBEROI IBC stands for Indian Brand Coach. As a coach, we identify what our clients want to achieve. Once identified, we support them throughout their quest to achieve their goals, helping to overcome any challenges and obstacles on the way to their goal.

Over the last 20 years, we have built brands like Priyagold Biscuits, Flair Pens, Lalqilla Basmati and Kayamchuran. Their success inspired ambitious entrepreneurs around the nation to work with us. We have gone on to work with more than 400 different brands in the past.

How we do it

Who is driving you?

Being the brand owner you are always on the driver's seat to run your business vehicle. And a Coach like Oberoi IBC will prove to be your trusted GPS system who will guide you through the fastest, safest and cost effective routes to reach your destination.

One of our brands Priyagold has used our coaching system and has become India's 4th Largest Biscuit brand.

The 360+ service makes our being unique for our clients. The PLUS includes Creative Strategy Planning, In-house TVC Production, Media Strategy, Identity Management, Celebrity Management and Co-branding with Bollywood films. This has made it possible to set up the trusted GPS system for them to glide away in the competitive market.

Brand Chart

How Brands Become Icons?

Having worked with brands from the time they were young to the point they earned national recognition, we have encapsulated the journey for future Indian Brands.

In a specially crafted initiative 'OBEROI IBC BRAND CHART,' we provide the precise knowledge our clients need to become SUPER BRANDS.

To give you a gist of it, there are brands like RELIANCE, TATA, BAJAJ and AIRTEL that are some of the most perfect brands the world has seen. Our very own PRIYAGOLD is moving powerfully towards this status.

We call it 'Devattva.' It means a brand which has attained near-perfect, Godlike status.

OBEROI IBC has crafted the pathway to become a POWER BRAND especially for INDIAN BRANDS. We call it OIBC BRAND CHART.

The power of our method is being experienced by all our clients and we believe that we can create 50 Super Brands in India in the future!



Under the profound guidance of our core team, we have managed to set a benchmark in attaining a high client satisfaction level. Owing to their foresightedness, sound marketing skills and an undeviating urge to satisfy clients, we have managed to establish a credible name in the advertising world.

Our powerful team has tremendous knowledge across several categories.

Biscuits, Juices, Soaps, Soft Drinks, Detergents, Steel, Ayurvedic, Television Sets, Snacks, Food, Apparels, Retail Jewellery, Agarbatti, Toys, Sanitary, Innerwear, Iodized Salt, Pain Balm, Milk, Ghee, Pesticide, Tooth Paste, Tea, Edible Oil, Shampoo, Cough Syrup, Eyewear, Basmati Rice, Brain Tonic, Kitchen wear, Construction, Lottery, Masalas, Noodles Savings, Radio Channels, TV channels, Telecommunication, Mobile, Insurance.


Our ability to achieve the brands with certain actions through a set of controllable and measurable faculties, features, functions, processes & services.

  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Film Productions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Celebrity Endorsement
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Retail Design
  • Events
  • In Films & Co-branded Promotion
  • Digital Production
  • Viral Marketing
  • Exhibition

Case Studies

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